Questions & Answers

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Q. What’s in the pack?

Nothing but 100% pasteurized pure liquid egg whites.

Q. Are they hormone free?

Chickens are not given any hormones, they are grain fed. We are currently working on a free range egg product that we anticipate will be ready at the end of the year.

Q. Are they gluten free?


Q. Are they natural?

Puregg egg whites are natural, 100% real eggs. They are pasteurized for safety, just like milk and other dairy foods you enjoy every day.

Q. What do you do with the yolk and shell?

The yolks are sold to food manufacturers for pasta, ice cream and mayonnaise, the shells are sold to a pet food manufacturer, they ground it to a fine powder and use it as a protein supplement in pellets, biscuits and pet food.

Q. How long do they keep?

7 days once open stored in the fridge.

Q. Can I freeze the pack once open?

Yes it is safe to freeze, thaw and reuse at a later date, once thawed we don’t recommend re freezing

Q. How much fat is in the pack?

0% Fat 0% cholesterol
11.2g proteins per 100g
56g protein per 500g
16 egg whites per pack